About Us

The Hyatt Centre and Mosque in London ON is the first project for the ECCOO.

ECCOO is a registered Charity with Revenue Canada. We are a moderate muslim religious charity


ECCOO has acquired this beautiful 10,000 sqft Property in 2015.

The Property is fully paid for with private funds.


The Hyatt Centre consists of three main facilities:

1) Prayer Hall for Friday Prayer...with capacity for around 300 worshipers.

2) Six Classrooms for weekend Arabic and Islamic education.  

3) Community Hall for lectures, meetings, and celeberations. Capacity is around 350 peaple seated.


The Centre and ECCOO are not part of, nor affiliated with any other Political, Governmental, nor Religious organization.


Our mission is to serve the Communiy and to achieve/comply with our CRA-Approved purposes:

1- Establish moderate Islamic place of worship

2- Establish weekend Arabic/Islamic School for kids

3- Establish Community Hall to help the EOA community 


Revenue Canada Registeration Number is 840139604RR0001